This is our newer, bigger building in Brookfield, CT! As our company grows, our facility grows with it! We now house all of our production, warehousing, and office functions under one roof to increase efficiency and streamline operations.

About Jenray Products

Jenray Products produces premium aromatic air fresheners for car, home, and office use.  Established over 20 years ago just outside of New York City, Jenray Products prides itself in handling all of its manufacturing and assembly in the United States. Jenray Products has an extensive line ranging from traditional car fresheners to vent clips, long lasting under-seat pads, spray bottles, scented stones, organic cans, and more. Using only the finest quality aromatics, Jenray ensures quality and long lasting products. 

Jenray Products is also a leading manufacturer of custom printed car air fresheners. Our customers range from car washes to national retail brands. We have decades of experience in manufacturing car air fresheners for retail and promotional use.

Services We Offer

Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

Jenray products is proud to provide contract manufacturing and packaging solutions to some of the nation’s top air freshener companies. If you visit a consumer products store, there is a strong chance that we have manufactured some of the products being sold there. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery that allows us to streamline operations and save our customers money.

We are trusted to manufacture and package air fresheners and other consumer products for top retail brands across the world. As a provider of contract assembly services for some of the nation’s leading companies, Jenray Products has the experience and resources to take on any assembly work. We can assemble and pack your existing products or create products and packaging from scratch. Our design team is here to help you with any of your graphic design needs. We can design custom packaging, CAD layouts, air fresheners, displays and more.


We have a broad range of manufacturing and packaging capabilities, including but not limited to: Blister packing & heat sealing, hot glue sealing, flow wrapping & bagging, liquid filling & blending, compounding, stringing, die cutting & guillotining, labeling, coding, manual assembly work, and more. Contact one of our customer service reps to find out how we can help you with your packaging and assembly needs. 

Custom Printed Air Fresheners

Jenray Products is a leading manufacturer of custom printed car air fresheners. Our customers range from car washes to national retail brands, and we have decades of experience in the industry. Having an air freshener hanging in your customers’ car is a constant visual and fragrant reminder of your branding and business. Our customers see a huge increase in repeat customers when they give away custom auto air fresheners. This is a must have for any owner of a car wash, auto parts store/distributor, car dealership, repair shop, or any other business looking to increase brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty.

We have some of the most competitive pricing in the car air freshener industry. Since we are a fully equipped manufacturer, we can accommodate everything from small orders to full scale production of national retail items.  With minimum order quantities as low as 250 units per design, our custom printed air fresheners are an easy and inexpensive marketing tool to begin utilizing. Email Us or call us (914-375-5596) for a scaling price quote based on your custom air freshener needs.