These air freshener vent clips only require heat or airflow to activate. The clips are small but powerful and hidden from view when in use. Ventsations® are ideal for car vents, air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, lamp shade struts, steamers, simmering pots and many other applications. They even keep sneakers smelling fresh. Ventsations® are made with pure essential oils. The fragrances are so real that you'll want to try them all. One clip is enough to cover 50 square feet. Ventsations® freshener clips work with heat or air-conditioning. Using 2 or more clips per vent will increase the fragrance level immensely.

  • Price:Case-Pack 8/96
VC-1 691210-004201  TROPICAL CITRUS 8/96
VC-2 691210-004218 BLACK CHERRY 8/96
VC-7 691210-004225 STRAWBERRY 8/96
VC-16 691210-004232 PINA COLADA 8/96
VC-22 691210-004249 NEW CAR LEATHER 8/96
VC-23 691210-004256 VANILLA 8/96
VC-27 691210-004263 PACIFIC BREEZE 8/96
VC-28 691210-004270 NAUTICAL 8/96
VC-45 691210-004287 OBSESSION 8/96
VC-74 691210-004294 ARTIC ICE 8/96
VC-75 691210-004317 CLEAN’N FRESH 8/96
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