Moonshine Car Air Freshener

Jenray Product’s Moonshine car air freshener features a rustic design and an array of awesome fragrances. We capture your favorite aromas into a classic mason jar with a variety of original designs. These are certainly a must have for anyone that appreciates country style, great scents, and originality in their car air freshener.

Moonshine Air Freshener: Zombie Juice Moonshine Air Freshener: White Lightning Moonshine Air Freshener: Pink Lemonade Moonshine Air Freshener: New Car Moonshine Air Freshener: Liquid Victory Moonshine Air Freshener: DOA Moonshine Air Freshener: Cherry Moonshine Air Freshener: Black Lightning

Moonshine Car Air Freshener Selection

Black Lightnin’ packs a punch with it’s black and blue lightning bolt design and cologne like fragrance.

Our Cherry Moonshine car air freshener smells like a freshly jarred cherry jam. You will have memories of grandma’s kitchen with this hanging in your car.

D.O.A. Moonshine is the perfect air fresher for lovers of skull designs. This jar full of skulls has a fresh linen scent.

Liquid Victory is the epitome of a patriotic air freshener. With a design featuring Old Glory and a smell of warm apple pie, who couldn’t love hanging a Liquid Victory Moonshine air freshener in their car.

The New Car Moonshine features a great design of a vintage car and hanging dice. The New Car air freshener will keep your car smelling like it just drove off the lot.

The Pink Lemonade air freshener brings back memories of relaxing in the backyard on a warm summer day.

With a sweet vanilla fragrance, the White Lightnin Moonshine air freshener is perfect for anyone that can appreciate a sweet smell.

With the zombie craze sweeping across all media, our Zombie Juice car air freshener allows you to bring your favorite horror friends along for a ride. The only thing that this air freshener doesn’t in common with a zombie is it’s crisp and fresh smell!

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