Promote Your Car Wash: 3 Tips

Many car wash owners are looking to boost business in any way possible. There are many ways you can build your brand and increase the number of customers coming through your location on a daily basis. Below we will cover 3 Tips that can help you promote your car wash.


Tip #1: Custom Car Air Fresheners

A clever and unique way to promote your car wash is with custom car air fresheners. Our custom car air fresheners are the perfect promotional tool for car washes. With an assortment of different shapes and fragrances, we can customize the car air freshener to fit your branding and image. Putting a promotional coupon on the car air freshener is an awesome way to promote your car wash. This gives the customer incentive to return and cash in on whatever sort of discount or promotion you are offering.


Tip #2: Online Advertising

The vast majority of people use search engines like Google to research businesses they may potentially use. Having a high ranking on Google is ideal when it comes to creating maximum exposure for your business. However, that takes a lot of time, money, and resources to achieve sometimes. One way to gain front page exposure on Google is by utilizing services such as AdWords (Google’s CPC advertising service).


Tip #3: Traditional Print Advertising

For some businesses, print advertising may be a little old fashioned and ineffective. However, it is still a valid way to promote service industries such as car washes. Some people have not fully adopted the internet into their daily routine. This means there is a great target market that you can reach with traditional print advertising. Check local publications, diners (placemat advertising), and churches to explore some low cost print ads that may help you boost your car wash business.


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